Body whitening is a subject that is a bit controversial. The origins of this debate can be traced to the questionable hydroquinone-based treatments. They were the grim reaper of the skin whitening industry and they caused quite a lot of women skin problems and complications which the media picked up on immediately.

Nevertheless, body whitening is still brilliantly popular with many women around the world, especially in Asian countries, where it all started.

Women choose to lighten their skin for a variety of different reasons.
For some, age or sun spots are the main issue. For others, skin conditions like melasma and hyperpigmentation are a major concern.

Other women choose to lighten their skin simply to have the appearance that they’ve always wanted. If you’re interested in body whitening, there are some things you need to look for and avoid in a body whitening product.

Natural Ingredients

It’s a myth that all body and skin whitening products contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin. While some products do contain harsh chemicals, ones made by reputable companies like do not. We at Skintrium refuse to use any harmful ingredients, so we base all of our products on natural active substances.

  • Kojic Acid  

    Kojic acid is a natural ingredient derived from fungi – fungi much like mushrooms. Kojic acid works to lighten the skin, but unlike chemicals derived in a lab, it is very unlikely to cause irritation to the skin.

    In the rare case that any irritation did occur in clinical trials of kojic acid used for skin whitening, the side effects were very mild.

    Typically, people that used kojic acid topically only experienced minor redness, which disappeared after just a few days of treatment.

  • Mandelic Acid
    You’ve probably heard quite a bit about alpha hydroxy acids and how they can benefit your skin over the past few years. Mandelic acid is actually a type of alpha hydroxy acidmade from bitter almonds.

    Mandelic acid works to whiten the skin topically, but it’s very mild when applied to the skin. It is one of the most effective tools companies that want to use natural products have when it comes to skin whitening.

    In fact, mandelic acid is so safe that it’s often used for other medical purposes because of its antibacterial properties.

  • Pure Aloe Vera Extract

    Pure Aloe Vera extract doesn’t actually whiten the skin, but what it does do is protect your skin from any possible damage. When using skin whitening products, there’s always the minor possibility of skin irritation.

    Adding pure Aloe Vera extract to the mix is something that few companies actually do, even though it’s something that can help your skin look its best and help soothe any irritation before you even notice it.

    If you’re researching for skin whitening products, pure Aloe Vera extract is the super-ingredient you should definitely see on the ingredients list.

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