Time to Shine with Skin Brightening

Even if your skin doesn’t require whitening effects, a more luminous skin tone will make you glow beautifully. It’s the epitome of health and glamour. The Skin Soho Collection is perfect for creating brightening results without dramatic whitening. Fair & Flawless, on the other hand, offers more intense skin lightening.

Either way, a natural radiance is achieved with products that even out skin tone by decreasing pigmentation and sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal velvety and lustrous skin underneath. Whether you want to nip some pigmentation in the bud, remove tan lines, erase spots or reverse sun damage, there are brightening products available to allow you to shine.

The corrective treatments are beautifully balanced with rejuvenating ingredients to create flawless skin. Free of damaging chemicals like hydroquinone, the brighteners in Skin Soho safely and gently cleanse and repair your skin, revealing your inner glow.

It’s your time to shine like a goddess.  


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