Every Fair & Flawless product is designed, formulated, and packaged with customer satisfaction in mind. We want every person who uses our products to feel radiant, confident, and flawless in their skin and love hearing about the way Fair & Flawless has changed our client’s lives. Here are some of their greatest success stories:



Just to let you know that your product is outstanding, I am now 5 shades lighter with a beautiful and even complexion. I am so happy that you assisted me in using the product effectively to get the most rewarding results. Thanks!


David D.

This is regarding your Facial Lightening Cream. wife loved this stuff!!! At first I thought it was a waste of money but her skin looks younger and more beautiful than ever thanks to fair and flawless. 


Karen N.

Your Skin Soho Cocktail Serum product is the best. It's really great for people like me with oily skin types. 


Hasibul S.

The Facial Lightening Parfait really worked for me. Within just 3 weeks of continuous use, my skin color lightened at least 4/5 shades. I was very unsure about this product but so far I can recommend it to anyone who wants to get a lighter skin color.


Kate T., San Francisco, CA 

This product is excellent. I wish I could have done before and after photos so everyone could see the results my mom and I have achieved. It's truly a great product. It even seems to still work for a while after you stop using it.


Matilida H., Washington, D.C.

I have recently purchased and used your product for six days now and I have noticed a tremendous change in my skin texture and tone. Its like magic, my skin looks very smooth and clear, the acne and blotches are quickly fading. I am a beautiful African American woman with very smooth and dark skin. However, because my skin is oily acne pimples shows up quite frequently and also due to the years of using Hydroquinone creams and lotions my skin lost its youthful and healthy glow, but thanks to F&F I am now sporting that healthy and youthful glow again while toning my skin to a lighter shade.


Jessica, Sydney Australia

I bought your 5x body lightening gel product and after 3-4 weeks after I started using it everyday I noticed how much my freckles were lightening – it wasn’t just lightening the skin around the freckles, the freckles were changing color to 2 shades lighter! 


Ms. Montoya

I am absolutely speechless… I can not believe my eyes when I look at the appearance of my skin and how great it looks and feels. I have been using it for almost four weeks now and the results are just so amazing. I immediately starting seeing the results after one week but I thought my eyes were deceiving me and I thought that I only saw what I wanted to see. I feel more confident then I have ever been. I just want to say THANK YOU so very much for being so honest and trustworthy.


Mrs. Patel, North Carolina

I would like to start off by saying, Look no further; my search for great skin whitening line ends here at Fair & Flawless. Not only has my skin looked lighter but also fresh and younger. My self esteem has gone high thanks to this wonderful Revolutionary skincare line and great team especially Linda who has been very helpful from day one.


Nicole, Ontario, Canada

This is Nicole from Brompton, Ontario. I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful skin whitening products you sent me. Also thank you for your excellent customer service. You guys were 100% accurate and truthful when you said your products would whiten my skin without blotches or irritation. My skin has lightened up about 3 shades in 5 weeks. I’m so amazed by the softness and glow that comes along, too. WOW, I love this product! Even my elbows and feet are the same color. Keep up the terrific work and thanks so much again.
P.S. My sister will be contacting you soon to place an order.


Angela, Brixton, U.K. 

Let me start off by saying this is as good as it gets. My search for skin whitening products is finally over. This is it. I’ve only been using your products for 3 weeks and I have gotten at least 2-3 shades lighter. These products are so easy to use and smell so good. I think I am addicted! 3 weeks in and I’m loving it. Keep up the good work!


Tommy, Tuscon, AZ

I would like to start off by saying many, many thanks for making me the man I am today. I had such low self-esteem, which was literally to the floor. I could recall walking into a simple place like a supermarket, buying groceries, and when it came time for me to check-out I would be so embarrassed to show my hands because of the bad discoloration problem I had. I was so afraid to approach women because I always wondered if they would find me attractive. It made me very unhappy. My face, hands, and feet were badly discolored. I mean it was horrible. I tried many other products but they only made it worse until I was introduced to your product by a friend. I’ve been using your product for about 2 months now and I look and feel like a brand new man. This product did not only get rid of my discoloration, it also made my skin 3 shades lighter. I started using it over my entire body. My self-confidence went from zero to the roof. I practically feel like I’ve been born over again. Just wanted you to know you are my angel. There’s no way I could thank you for this. I will be forever grateful.


Wendy, Miami, FL

I have used everything under the sun to lighten my skin, from over the counter to prescription skin lighteners, but absolutely nothing out there can be compared to your products. By far the best thing I’ve ever used. 24 hours after I applied the facial cream I started seeing results. It’s been 3 months now and everyone keeps telling me how much younger I look. My entire body has 1 even tone all over. I don’t even use make-up anymore. Thank you for this miracle cream. I love it!


Jeannie, Queens, NY

Great customer service, great products. Very satisfied. Thank you so much!


Ellen H., Philadelphia, PA

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been using your products and I must say I’m totally impressed with the results I have lightened up about 2 shades. I just ordered another jar and look forward to even more results.


Emma C., Santa Cruz, CA

After only a short 2-week period I can almost say I’ve reached my desired skin tone, I have gone through the jar and just LOVE it!! So much that I just ordered another for myself and one for my stepmother. We’ve both seen a tremendous improvement in our skin, I have personally lightened up about three shades, so thank you very much and I plan on being a long time customer!


Patricia B., San Diego, CA

This is my 2nd order of the 5XF body lightening gel. I absolutely love it. I also purchased the soap in my first order and am equally pleased with it. It feels rich and I like feeling rich. ;-) 
Thanks much


Sasha B., Norwood MA

I was extremely skeptical about using your products after reading and following all the message boards, but gosh am I happy I did not listen to rumors and bought your products. Fair & Flawless products are a godsend to people like me, my skin is beyond beautiful… I’m sooo happy with the results of your products I think I might have lightened up some 7 – 8 shades in under 3 months. Fair & Flawless products are the best products I’ve ever used in my entire 10 years of lightening my skin. Keep up the good work.


Rosalia, Amsterdam 

Well, I’ve been using fair and flawless for let say 4 months...I started with the Custom formulation ... gel serum and cream and soap ...I started seeing visible results within 1 week face lightened in less than a week.... right now I’m maintaining my color with the f&f open stock 5x faster gel.... f&f is the only product line that has worked so far especially for dark thick skin ...and its safe
..I haven’t noticed any thinning of my skin or face ...this is definitely a product to Try...!


E. N., Nashville, TN

I highly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about lightening their skin Naturally and solving pigmentation problems. I tried the 5XF Body lightening Gel and the night time body cream formula and saw a dramatic improvement within 2 days. After a week or so, I saw even more results. My skin is much softer and smoother; my yellow undertones have surfaced with a healthy glow. My self esteem has skyrocketed since I started using your products. Fair and Flawless products are PLATINUM. 


Ruma K., Bloomfield, NJ

Nothing I have tried before has ever been this effective for me. Anyone from my culture knows what I'm talking about when I say it's such a sinking feeling to see another Indian girl who is much lighter than you, you begin and feel like you are unattractive because you are darker than they are. I have found that it's important to use the formula regularly and not allow the skin to dry out, and for me it makes a HUGE difference to take the time to massage it into the skin well, but it's been time well spent. Fair & Flawless works like magic, you should change the name of your products to PURE MAGIC cause that’s what they are. Please stay in business forever don’t change a thing please!
A Big Sincere "Thank you” for making such an awesome product.


Your forever customer Chantel in Canada

I was amazed at how much your Open stock products work. But let me tell you that the custom products you guys sent me are, I’m lost for words –They are the skin lighteners of skin lighteners, the fragrance ,the feel, the results, this is something I never thought possible. How do you guys do this ? Tell me I’m losing my mind, this is mind boggling the results are beyond great they are amazing and miraculous. I will use Fair & Flawless for the rest of my life.


Regina W., Manchester, MD

Discovering your website was the best thing that could have happened to my life. Without any product guidance whatsoever, and was fairly happy with the results. Then I read on the message boards to ask you for assistance and that you would help me to make better product choices. I am very pleased with the products.


Katrina S., London, England.

Thanks for the speedy delivery - I live in the UK and I received my order within 4 days! I've been using the facial lightening Cream for a week now and have noticed a marked improvement in my skin. In fact, I'm so impressed I'm just about to order the 5XF Body gel, Nighttime cream and the exfoliating bar soap. I had been using a steroid cream on my face and tried several other all natural products with absolutely no results, it’s so good to find a product that really lightens my skin with no nasty side effects!
Thanks so much,


Camille L., Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been using your products for a little over four months, and knew my skin was lightening but honestly did not realize to what degree. Fair & Flawless products really made me Fair and Flawless and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


A Happy Customer

I am a first time customer to your company and I ordered the 2oz facial whitening Cream. For the first time after using your product, I have to say that I was very surprised how remarkable your product is. I IMMEDIATELY saw a difference in my skin within minutes of using it. Fair & Flawless is without a doubt diamond quality of skin care. I am highly satisfied and I will be ordering more. Thank you for curing my crisis on troublesome skin.


Darlene F., Springfield, MA

I ordered the 5XF Body gel first--fabulous! The other natural skin lighteners out there are too slick or oily feeling for me and they rub off way too fast—5XF body gel is perfect—looked like hair gel when opened up the jar but not heavy or oily! Disappeared into my skin in less than 5 seconds, I found it literally whitened my skin in less than 4-days. My skin tone is evening out quickly, my skin just glows! It has never been this soft! Absolutely NO irritation, burning or stinging! I even used the body cream on my daughter's legs; she is only 12 years old and her mosquito bite marks has disappeared too.


Jenile S., Ft Hood TX

I want to say Great Product! While searching the Internet for more information about skin lightener, I stumbled across your web site and decided to browse. At first I was suspicious but after looking at the other sites something about your web page brought me back and I decided to try. To make a long story short after only a few days of using the facial Lightening Cream, I have skin to die for. Nobody believes I got those awesome results in just a few short days which before using your product my skin was lacking luster but thanks to Fair & Flawless I look twenty years younger. Hooray for Fair & Flawless!


Pamela G., Middlesex, UK

I would just like to say that customer service has been great! I ordered four of the 5Xf body gel the exfoliating bar soap and the facial lightening cream and I am really happy with them! I had chronically dark lips and I could never wear any lip color or anything because nothing looked good on me and I constantly had to put on. I've been using your facial lightening cream for about a week and already my lips appear a lot lighter and softer, I know this product is not for that use but I guess while applying it to my face it gets on my lips and for some reason they have really lightened. Now I can wear lip color! Thank you! Fair & Flawless products Rock!


Sunita K., Atlanta, GA

I am writing to let you know that your products are absolutely amazing. I ordered different jars; found what I needed and then made a larger order to last a while. Did anyone ever tell you these products are addicting? 


Mona S., Palo Alto, CA

I can't believe that your products work this well, they’re great! I had a very annoying patch of darker skin on my cheeks for several months and tried all kinds of different things. I went to two doctors and what they prescribed didn't help at all. I took a chance and purchased the facial cream and bar soap and now my skin is great. Thank you for answering all my questions and for your fabulous products.


Melbourne, Australia

I'm just sending you this email to let you know how well your 5XF body gel and Night Time body cream works. I have had problems with darker neck and shoulders for several years and finally I have found a product that makes it go away. When I first started using your 5XF body gel I put it on twice daily, but it worked so fast I had to reduce to using it once a day – and my skin is lightening, hasn't come back for over 2 months now. Thank you so much for your great product.


Akello H., Coatesville, PA

After years of trying Skin Lighteners, Hydroquinone and non-hydroquinone, beauty supply brands, when Fair & Flawless was introduced to the Internet I was the mother of skepticism. I was very hesitant to pay the prices you where asking for a product I never heard about before over the web, but decided to give it a try. Fair & Flawless is in a class all by itself. I LOVE it! It works like magic. My skin looks and feels like a new born babies butt, smooth and soft. Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself I love fair and flawless products! Nothing else on the market can even come close to the results I’ve personally gotten from your products.
Thank you for developing a superior product.
P.S. By the way your customer service is awesome!


Salema L., Brixton, UK

I have had severe hyper pigmentation between my thighs for almost my entire life and I have tried many lotions and potions switching from one to the next and visiting a number of dermatologists. I was just about to use a 12% hydroquinone Cream when my sister in law confessed that she has been lightening her skin for 10 years. She gave me your contact information and after one week, I noticed a remarkable change in my skin tone the bumps and crusty feeling between my thighs disappeared and my skin felt softer. After about two weeks I could not believe my eyes, my skin was fading away like a bad memory. I am now into my third week and the results get better every day. I am totally confident I will have flawless skin between my legs forever, and I will be a long-time customer and will be recommending your product to everyone.
Thanks again


Sophia V., Miami, FL

I'm delighted to write back and let you know not only what I think of the product, but also the experience of “speaking” with you over the phone. I found you were very helpful friendly and easy to speak to, the "personalized" follow-up emails a delightful change of pace from the typical electronic response, and the product arrival amazingly quick. Now that I've used the product for a few days, I can guarantee I'll be ordering from your company again. The entire experience has been a rare pleasure. Keep up the great work! Thanks!


Andrea V., Milwaukee, WI

Wow! This is great customer service. I am very impressed. Thanks so much for your prompt and friendly reply. I love my newly discovered Fair and Flawless products! And hope to stick around for very long time.
Thanks again!


Carene W., Deerbrook, WI

Ok, your site said it and I doubted it, now I’ve totally proved it for myself…Fair & Flawless products really makes your skin Fair &Flawless, I’m in awe and totally losing my senses over your products. I’ve spent a small fortune for over eight years experimenting all different kinds of products, only to be back right where I started. When I found out about your products, I tried it with a lot of doubts in my mind, actually planned to return it if it did not work for me, I must tell you fair and flawless worked like it was made for my skin personally, so far every penny I’ve spent with your company was totally worth it, I’ve gotten so much lighter, lighter than I’ve ever been in my entire life. Please stick around!


Harry P., Birmingham, UK

I have done a lot of buying over the internet the past few years and I have never come across a company that is as PROMPT as yours. Thanks for being a responsible organization. Word of mouth advertising is priceless and it’s sure I will point my constituents in your direction.
Keep up the good work.


Kelly V., Northridge, CA



Carole M., Madison, WI

I have been using your products for over 2 years and they work great. I am now super light skinned. I used to have very dry skin and occasionally had eczema, but since I started using your products, my skin looks really good and I haven't had any eczema at all.
I'm a really happy customer. 


Ellen B., Dubbo, NSW, Australia

What can I say? I have been looking for a product like yours for months. I live in Australia and cannot find good skin lightening products like yours anywhere here (so far). I have extremely sensitive skin that breaks out in a rash when I use almost anything other than plant-based products. I was so impressed to see that your ingredients are only plant based! Admittedly, I have only been using the facial lightening cream for a week or so (and sometimes it takes about that long to develop a real rash), but they feel good, and that's enough to convince me. Thank you so much for helping me find such a wonderful product! I will be back again.

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