Understanding your own skin tone is crucial to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. The Fitzpatrick Scale is one of the most common methods of classifying skin tones, usually with regards to sun exposure, and ranges from Type I to Type VI:

What skin tone are you? Are you happy with the tone that you have? What skin tone would you choose to have? Is your tone even or uneven? Do you have spots from the sun or scarring from acne?

You can achieve your ideal skin tone with our skin lightening products. These luxurious, nourishing, and carefully formulated lotions, gels, and cleansers help improve your skin quality while gently lightening it to a tone that you want. Fair & Flawless and Skin Soho products lighten skin without harsh chemicals and smooth out uneven skin tones for a gorgeous complexion. 

Look your best and create your dream complexion color with the Fair & Flawless collection.


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