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1. General Questions

What makes Fair & Flawless Collections stand out from other whitening products?

Fair & Flawless skin lightening products are the only ones available to consumers that take a two-pronged approach to whitening. After nearly two decades of research, Fair & Flawless has developed a way to target the root of the melanin production, rather than addressing the pigmentation after it has appeared. More than merely diminishing existing melanin, some Skin Soho and Fair & Flawless solutions use the proprietary ingredient, Sepiwhite, to prevent the production and dispersion of melanin. By intervening at this early stage, Fair & Flawless products are able to evenly lighten overall skin tone faster than other skin whitening products.

The second way the Fair & Flawless collection reduces pigmentation and hyperpigmentation is through increased cell turnover. Sloughing off dead cells that are hiding the lighter, more even skin underneath allows radiant skin to come to the surface and can speed up new cell production.

Additionally, all Fair and Flawless and Skin Soho active ingredients are naturally derived, and do not include any harmful or banned ingredients like hydroquinone or mercury. Other ingredients are often natural botanicals and known for their skin benefits.

What’s the difference between the Fair & Flawless products and the Skin Soho collection?

The Skin Soho collection of creams, gels, and cleansers is perfect for clients looking to brighten and even out their skin tone. Fair & Flawless is more suited for individuals looking to dramatically lighten their skin by several shades.

Ideal for removing age spots, freckles, old sun damage, while restoring hydration and radiance to your skin, the Skin Soho collection is excellent for refreshing your overall complexion.

The Fair & Flawless collection contains bestsellers like the Fair & Flawless Facial Lightening Cream, Super Spot Eraser, and 5xf Body Lightening Gel, and is renowned for the collection's ability to visibly lighten skin in as few as five days.

Both collections have products with the effective proprietary whitening product Sepiwhite at the core of the collection. These skin solutions not only effectively diminishes pigmentation, but also helps restore softness and suppleness to your skin.

How long before I see results?

Some clients have seen results as quickly as in five days. You definitely will see brighter, smoother skin within two weeks. The most dramatic results and improvement in the color, tone, and quality usually appear by the third or fourth week.

Can I do anything to help speed up the lightening process?

For quickest results, use Fair & Flawless and Skin Soho products every day. Using the products in combination, as suggested on the Skin Solutions page, will help you attain the skin tone faster.

Stay out of the sun as much as possible. If you do end up spending time outside, use UVA and UVB sun protection.

And for best results, take good care of your skin by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As your body’s largest organ, your skin will respond to what you eat, drink, the environment, and so forth. Get the vitamins and minerals you need, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of sleep. Soon, healthy, glowing, flawless skin will be yours.

Will I tan if I go into the sun after using Fair & Flawless?

Yes. Even though the active ingredients in some Fair & Flawless products prevent the development of melanin, the sun will still stimulate melanin production in your skin when you are exposed to it.

Stay out of the sun as much as possible to preserve your lighter color and to avoid developing new sunspots. Use products with SPF every day to protect your skin.

If I use the Fair & Flawless’ spot remover on dark blotches and spots, will I end up with pale spots that are lighter than the rest of my skin?

No. The Fair & Flawless Super Spot Eraser and Skin Soho Tapioca D-Light Spot Crème safely and gently fade away hyper-pigmented spots, but will not extend the lightening process beyond what is natural for your skin.

Will I look unnaturally pale after using Fair & Flawless products?

No. Fair & Flawless will help you attain healthy, even-toned complexion that suits you. It will not cause your skin to lighten beyond what your skin can naturally achieve.

What's the difference between a cream, gel, gelee, soufflé, and a serum?

Ideal for clients with very dry skin, creams are thick and rich, while a soufflé is fluffy, with an airy, whipped texture. These products are deeply hydrating, and contain oil, therefore they are not suited for oily or acne-prone skin.

Gels and gelees are translucent or transparent, and are ideal for normal skin. They provide mild hydration that is quickly absorbed.

Our serums are designed without any creams or oil and are recommended for clients with oily skin or prone to breaking out. pH balanced to leave skin feeling supple and comfortable, serums provide light hydration. For people with drier skins, serums can be used under our other moisturizers.


2. Specific Skin Conditions

My natural skin color is very dark. Will Fair & Flawless work for me?

Absolutely! You can attain skin several shades lighter, which still suits your natural overall skin tone, using Fair & Flawless and Skin Soho products. Very dark skin may take a little longer to achieve dramatically lighter results, but you should still see significant improvement, especially evenness and radiance, in 4 to 6 weeks.

Can I use Fair & Flawless under my arms to lighten the dark patches there? Will the Fair & Flawless products there interfere with my deodorant?

Fair & Flawless and Skin Soho products should not interfere with your deodorant, as our formulations use naturally derived and botanical ingredients. And yes, simply apply your favorite Fair & Flawless body lightening product all over your body (including under your arms) to achieve smooth, even out colored skin on your body.

I have very dry skin. Will Fair & Flawless help?

Absolutely! Fair & Flawless has a host of products that are formulated to saturate your skin with moisture, and to leave it feeling satiny soft and smooth. Using ingredients like soothing Aloe Vera will naturally nourish and rejuvenate your dry skin.

Try any product that is a cream, soufflé, or moisturizer. Serums are unlikely to bring the hydration that very dry skin will need, but can be used under one of the richer moisturizers or creams.

I have problems with acne. Will Fair & Flawless help?

Yes. Not only can Fair & Flawless products remove the unsightly scars that comes with acne, but the collection can also help improve your overall skin condition.

Begin with Skin Soho Facial Granita Cleanser to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells that clog pores and can cause acne and dull skin. After rinsing off the cleanser, follow with the Skin Soho White Tea Lightening Toner to remove any remaining dirt or makeup that could cause a flare-up. Finish with the Skin Soho Cocktail serum for gentle hydration without added oil, for skin that’s visibly improved, smooth and glowing.

Will Fair & Flawless help remove a scar on my face?

Absolutely. Try any of our products that exfoliate the skin like the Skin Soho Granita Cleanser. We recommend the Skin Soho Cocktail Serum, the Fair & Flawless Super Spot Eraser, and the Skin Soho Tapioca D-Light Spot Crème as treatment options to target the scar.


3. Safety & Contraindications

How long can I safely use Fair & Flawless and Skin Soho products?

Fair & Flawless and Skin Soho products are gentle and safe to use for as long as you wish to maintain your lighter shade.

Consider Fair & Flawless and Skin Soho skin solutions as part of a regular, permanent regimen to keep your skin glowing, healthy, and radiant. Not only do our products lighten skin, but they also brighten skin by sloughing off dead skin cells, smoothen out rough spots, and helps even out skin tone.

Keep in mind that discontinuation of the regimen will lead to the gradual re-pigmentation of the skin.

Can I combine hydroquinone-based products with Fair & Flawless?

We strongly discourage the use of products containing hydroquinone. A banned chemical in many countries, including all of the EU, hydroquinone has been shown to increase risk of cancer.

Fair & Flawless products gently and safely achieve the same results, without any of the harmful side effects. Ditch the hydroquinone and try our Skin Solutions to attain the skin you want.

I used hydroquinone-based products in the past. Can I still use Fair & Flawless?

Absolutely. But before you begin using our products, and to ensure the results you want, safely, use Fair & Flawless Topical Post Detox. It’s easy to use, and will optimize your skin results. In some cases, it may take longer to achieve the effect you desire. In rare cases, where hydroquinone has caused significant skin damage, lightening effects may be minimal.

Are there side effects from using FAIR & FLAWLESS?

Fair & Flawless products are exhaustively tested to the highest standards to ensure their safety and effectiveness. As long as you follow our Product Instructions, you should experience no side effects.

However, as many of our ingredients are natural or naturally derived, please read our ingredient list to check for personal allergens and triggers prior to use. Please email our Customer Service representatives, should you have a reaction.

I am trying to get pregnant. Is Fair & Flawless safe for me?

Yes. Unlike other whitening products that contain harmful chemicals, Fair & Flawless and Skin Soho is safe to use during pregnancy. Our ingredients are natural, and have been clinically tested to ensure both safety and effectiveness.

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