The Perfect Balance with Skin Lightening

There are various phases of skin whitening. Nestled between illuminators and bleaching lies skin lightening. Its medium intensity enables you to adjust the tone and quality of your entire complexion by becoming one or two shades lighter. The result? Skin that looks like you’ve just returned from a luxurious day spa, with a rejuvenated tone, smoothness and pearly radiance.

Fair & Flawless and Skin Soho lightening products use luscious botanical ingredients (while giving a miss to harsh chemicals like hydroquinone) to safely and gently lighten your complexion. With products tailored to your skin type and the lightness you’re hoping to achieve, in as little as five days your skin will polished like a diamond. Nourishing, easy-to-use creams, gels, toners and soaps will help you rediscover your skin’s naturally balanced beauty.


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