Our Shining Star: SEPIWHITE

Safe. Fast. Effective. These are the words that best describe our Sepiwhite formulation that luxuriously penetrates skin to regulate and reverse hyperpigmentation. Infused with only the best natural ingredients, sepiwhite brightens skin dramatically without any chemical dangers.

Sepiwhite MSH is an organic compound made of natural amino acids that prevents melanin creation. In scientific trials and dermatological tests, Sepiwhite shone as a non-toxic, efficient and powerful ingredient to lighten skin.

We use different Sepiwhite variations so that you not only achieve more luminous skin but also skin that’s restored, youthful and polished. These include:

Sepiwhite MSH QD, a potent ingredient that doubles luminous skin results when blended with a standard lightening agent.

Sepicalm VG that allows sensitive skin to be beautiful and bright. Blended with the soothing nymphaea alba flower, it allows your skin to flourish like a rose without the thorns of irritation.

SEPIBIO, a natural ingredient that is combined with potentilla flower extract, softens and lightens skin while winding back the hands of the clock so you can enjoy a younger, crystal clear complexion.

How Sepiwhite Achieves Glamorous Skin

Sepiwhite uses a two-pronged approach to deliver renewed and lavish skin. It inhibits the formation and spread of melanin in the skin cells by targeting an enzyme called tyrosinase which is responsible for melanin production. While keeping melanin inactive, sepiwhite also nurtures the skin to become sparkling and lighter, restoring its nourished appearance that is free of dark spots and hyperpigmentation resulting from the sun, hormones, or acne scars.

Sepiwhite polishes away pigmentation while also guarding the skin against it in future so you can flaunt skin that’s more luxurious than ever before.  

Rich and Restorative Ingredients

Sepiwhite is rich in the following all-natural, decadent ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera
  • ginseng extract
  • rosemary extract
  • purified seawater
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin E
  • hazelnut oil

All Fair & Flawless products contain Sepiwhite. If you need any assistance choosing a product or creating your own Fair & Flawless or Skin Soho skin lightening regimen, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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