Fair & Flawless thinks Mother Nature knows what she’s doing. So getting our inspiration from her when we started developing our skin whitening products, almost two decades ago, was a no-brainer. For millennia women have turned to plants and herbs to beautify themselves and we’re completely confident that natural treatments, when backed up by scientific research, are humanity’s best bet.

In the skin whitening industry there has been a lot of debate as to what products are the best. The promoters of chemical treatments have found their solutions to be a lot more dangerous than they would have imagined. This is why we turn to nature once more. As opposite to dermatological treatments, these are the least invasive and respectful of your body.

At Fair & Flawless, you can get a personalized experience for each part of your lovely skin. We have top-selling products ranging from face and body creams to soaps, body washes and even underarm creams. Each part of your body is unique and you should treat it with care so that it treats you right in return.

There is no doubt that a lot of controversy clouds the skin whitening industry, but it is our duty as individuals to find better solutions, by being well informed and knowledgeable.

We really cherish our clients and are grateful for their trust. Many of them have experienced life changing results, they have changed their self-confidence levels as well as their skin tone and this is why we have the Testimonials section, where you can read their first-hand experiences for yourself.

Our natural skin whitening products are the result of decades of research and experiments. They are free from hydroquinone, mercury and other dangerous and banned ingredients. Because we care about your skin and we believe your experience with skin lightening should be a great one from the very beginning, you can find plenty of skin care tips on this website, which will give you a better understanding of what you’re putting yourself through when you decide to bleach your skin.

Our top tips for healthy skin, in a nutshell:

  • Exercise is your best beauty aid.
  • Quit smoking if you want a healthy complexion (and body).
  • Alcohol dehydrates the skin. Save that glass of wine for special occasions only.
  • Mind your diet and, above all, avoid junk food.

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